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Increasing your Foot Traffic
Double the chances someone visits offline.
Embedding immersive content on your website is a quick way to have a serious impact on helping online searchers choose to visit your destination or location. Significant research and testing has been done to show that immersive content moves people to take action offline.
Threshold 360 provides cost effective access to the immersive experiences of the locations you want to highlight. With our library in excess of 100,000 public locations, we may already have the locations you’re interested in featuring.
A Google study showed that 360º content doubled the chances an online searcher visited a location offline.
One of our licensees reported a 96% increase in clicks to "get directions" to their business listings after embedding our immersive experiences.
Convert Your Visitors
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Increasing Sales Conversions
Our 360° interactive videos have proven to drive significant increases in sales conversions.
The higher engagement rates driven by our content helps our customers sell more premium memberships. Our customers have driven as high as 31% more traffic to their partner businesses’ websites by embedding our interactive videos.
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