November 8, 2018

Analytics… Visualizations… and Data Oh My!!!

If You Can’t Measure It… Did It Really Happen

As DMOs, you in a world of data, analytics and visualizations, to make sense of what is happening in the variety of marketing and otherwise campaigns and initiatives that are put forward each day.

Here at Threshold 360 we are constantly evolving the platform to allow you to get the best of the content, not only from the standpoint of distribution in sharing the content with the world, but also understanding the value that is created by the videos for the purpose of getting visitors to step across the threshold of your local business communities.

Data is the new oil. ~ Clive Humby

So with that we are excited to announce the newest member of the Threshold 360 Customer Portal… Analytics!

Some of the feature of the analytics tab and what you can expect to see:


The number of times a Threshold 360 immersive experience appeared on a visitors screen on your website.An experience below the fold only counts if the visitor scrolls down enough to see it.

Unique Users

Distinct visitors who saw at least one immersive experience during the selected time period. A visitor returning the next day is counted only once. A visitor using a second device, even on the same day is counted twice.


Engaged views counts as engaged when visitor interacts with the immersive experience by looking around or navigating within the experience.


A view in which the visitor experienced every scene of an immersive experience, either by watching the automatic play-through or by their own navigation.

Video Time

Total time your visitors have watched automatic play-through. Play-through pauses automatically when the experience is not on screen.

Google Views

Your Threshold 360 content  appears on Google as individual scenes instead of a complete experience. This counts any time a Google user viewed a scene from one of your locations.

Most Engaged Locations

The locations on your site that have generated the most engaged views. A view counts as engaged when a visitor interacts with the immersive experience by looking around or navigating within the experience.

Most Viewed Locations

Locations generating the most individual scene views on Google search results and Street View.

Earned Media Value

An approximation of the earned media value of your Threshold 360 content based on $20 CPM for Google views and $30 CPM for views on your website.

This is just step 1 of an exciting time here at Threshold 360 as we work constantly to bring you additions and further bells and whistles to the analytics tab.

Have any suggestions/comments pertaining to future Threshold 360 updates? Feel free to send your thoughts to Sydnee Robinson, Marketing Manager at

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