October 30, 2018

What to Expect When You’re Expecting… A Threshold 360 Creator

What To Expect…

In my role as Customer Success Manager I get asked all the juicy questions from both our customers and prospective customers regarding the creator process and what exactly goes on when we have our team in market. These questions range from “How do you capture the locations in my market,” to “what type of equipment will the creator bring with them?”

Well lucky for you i have access to the best and brightest on our team to ensure we can provide more clarity to the creator process when we have someone in your local market!

When You’re Expecting… A Threshold 360 Creator

To better answer the questions we get, I sat down with Ryan Martin, Field Project Manager, and former full-time Creator to get his insight on what to expect when you are expecting a Threshold 360 creator in your market.

Q – Does the Creator notify each individual business location before they arrive?

Not always. Creators will arrive during the normal business hours of the locations. This helps Creators capture authentic content of each business, with minimal distractions to the locations and their patrons. In addition, we also make sure to send a piece of direct mail with a photo of the creator who will be in the market.  The mailer also helps to explain the project to the location owner and staff and what to expect.

Q – How long does the Creator take at each business location on average?

Each space/room of the business takes only 1-3 minutes, depending on its size. Most locations will not even know we are there, it is that quick.

Q – Does the Creator identify himself/herself when at the location?

To keep from disrupting the staff or customers of the business, the Creator will often start their process as soon as they arrive at the location, before speaking to a location employee. If a location employee does inquire, the Creator will identify themselves and talk through what they’re doing at the business.  In all of our interactions with location owners, we try and reiterate that this is a service their DMO is providing to them.

Q – Will the Creator schedule time for businesses that can’t accommodate for whatever reason?

Creators take into consideration that there will be several locations that are not able to accommodate the day of their visit. It often comes up, that Creators will be returning to that same neighborhood to capture other locations, and this is when a Creator may do their best to schedule with a location for a later date.

Q – What type of equipment (camera, laptop, tripod, etc) does the Creator carry with them?

Creators carry with them a handheld camera, their phone; some may have a small bag for extra batteries etc.

Q – How does the Creator know what to capture at each business location?

Whether it’s a take-out restaurant or a 5-star known establishment, there’s a brand and a vibe they’re putting out.  So, when a creator shows up it’s like a first impression – “Oh, this is what this place is all about,” and then we take visual note of what gives us that impression. Maybe it’s huge chandeliers or funky furniture or it’s a simple no-frills take-out menu above the counter at a BBQ place. Those are the “strike points” we aim to capture because if the Creator has never been there, chances are the audience who’s looking up the content hasn’t been there either. It’s those strike points that make everything click in the audience’s mind, like “Ohhh, it’s actually more modern” or “Oh ok, I didn’t realize they have a huge bar.”

Q – How many locations can the Creator capture per day/per week/ per month?

Depending on the city’s geography and density, Creators average capturing 10-20 locations per work day, 50-100 per week, ~300 per month.

Q – Are there types of locations the Creator will not capture?

“Locations” without a physical location or a retail component like businesses with PO boxes: e.g. catering businesses, tour businesses,  organizations with no physical office etc. Below is an additional list of locations that are not likely to be captured. Banks, law offices, ticket music venues, and military bases are a few other examples of location types that Creators can’t capture.

If you want to learn more about the creators and their adventures, be sure to stay tuned in to this site as well as checking us out on Facebook and Instagram where we highlight our team’s adventures from all over the world!

Until then, check back for more updates from the Threshold 360 team!

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