October 30, 2018

Neighborhood Know How: Showcasing the Best Spots In Your Destination

Where the Locals Go…

As someone who travels a lot, I’m always on the lookout for the best things to do in a place, be it a local attraction, or amusement park, or just checking out the the spots where all of the visitors travel. The best part of my travels is making sure to hit those local spots and neighborhoods where the locals go so that I can just blend into the background and pretend that I live some place even if only for a day.

One of my favorite neighborhoods in Tampa that I always recommend to friends and visitors is in South Tampa, specifically the Hyde Park area.

A Few of My Favorite Things

Some of the things I love most about Hyde Park

  • Walkability – Everywhere is a five-minute walk
  • Variety of Great Restaurants – From fast to experiential
  • Variety of Shopping – A little bit of everything
  • Seasonal Themes (Pumpkins, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter etc.)

Here is an example of a Threshold Map built for Hyde Park Village in Tampa.  It allows you, or anyone you share it with, to virtually step inside the shops, restaurants, and attractions in the neighborhood.


One of the many things the Threshold Platform allows you to do is build out these experiential maps for visitors to your destination who are like me and want to experience neighborhoods such as Tampa’s Hyde Park, Orlando’s Ivanhoe District, or Kissimmee’s Disney Springs.

And these aren’t just your ordinary run of the mill map experiences, but being able to allow you to geographically locate these areas in the destination and allow for you and your visitors to step across the threshold and experience a shoppe or restaurant long before you check-in to a flight on your way to your destination! It makes planning just that much easier for any potential visitors and/or meetings attendees!

The maps help to highlight and tell the story of neighborhoods such as Hyde Park, or Ybor City here in Tampa. There is a lot of value in being able to step inside and feel the history or get a feel for an area from the confines of a home (or office) while vacation/meeting planning!  When working with Threshold 360, our customers can build an unlimited number of these maps to share with potential visitors or meeting planners!  Most importantly, the maps only take a couple minutes to make!

If I’m only looking for one specific experience I can easily filter the map to show me options from shopping to entertainment, to dining etc.

So what makes a good neighborhood you ask? Here are some of my some tips as far as what makes a good neighborhood for tourists and locals alike:

  1. Walkable – You should be able to get around on foot and really not require a car, Uber or taxi etc. Part of the experience is being able to walk in and out of locations that interest you most and engage with the store owners and locals alike.
  2. Foodie  Friendly – Yeah, so I like to eat, and to further that I like a variety to choose from! So when I am in an “off the beaten path” neighborhood I like to have options for a number of types of cuisine.
  3. Seasonal – A good neighborhood changes with the seasons, be it Halloween, Spring, Thanksgiving, and especially Christmas!


So as you are planning to highlight and showcase these areas on your site, remember these tips and also remember how important it is for visitors to be able to see and experience your sites and destinations ahead of time! Until next time!

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