October 30, 2018

Moving Right Along… Plenty to See Here at Threshold 360

Continuously Moving Forward

The Threshold 360 team continually searches for innovative ways to supply organizations with quality content that drives people to your destination, business or property. We recently launched a host of new features and powerful improvements to increase the value and enhance functionality of Collection Maps.

Please Sir May I have Some More… Updates


A recognizable enhancement to the Threshold Map includes a list of available Thresholds that are located on the left-hand side of the screen. From this update, you can now preview and directly enter into each Threshold listed. In addition, hovering over each Threshold listing highlights that specific location on your map!

Print Maps

To bring more value to visitors and attendees in your location, we’ve also included a “Print” option for every map that you build. Up to 25 locations can be selected and printed into a beautifully-formatted map that will help others to better understand what there is to do in your area. See Example

Bulk Add From A Category

Gone are the days of individually selecting locations of a specific category to a map that you’re building. Now, you can simply choose the category you want to highlight and add locations in bulk, or you can still pick and choose specific locations to feature.

Collections Landing Page

Users can now create and deploy a linkable, embeddable map; hosted directly by Threshold 360. This is a perfect tool for quickly responding to RFP’s without having to make changes to your website, and you can build as many maps and custom landing pages as you want. Fun fact: The site can also be secured by a password!

Have any suggestions/comments pertaining to future Threshold Map updates? Feel free to send your thoughts to Sydnee Robinson, Marketing Manager at sydnee.robinson@threshold360.com

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